Monday, 18 July 2011

have you been to parkhurst

Photos: heysweetie8
On the weekend, Roxy and I went to check out the Jozi Food Market in Parkhurst. It was my first time visiting Parkhurst - I'd never really had a reason to venture into that neck of the woods. But now I do... It's called 4th Avenue.

The food market, which is held at Pirate's club, was slightly disappointing in terms of size. But never-the-less, we didn't leave empty-handed! We took home some freshly baked cinnamon donuts (Roxy) and chicken croissants (me). Both were a delight to the taste buds.

We then hit some of the cool decor shops on 4th, where we ogled plenty of pretties. Must-stop shops: House and Homewear, as well as green grass shop. I bought a wooden laser cut stencil/ruler in the font of Garamond from green grass shop, and I can't wait to use it when I next put pencil to paper. 


  1. lovely pictures! :)

    I love that ruler! stunning!

  2. What gorgeous pic's! And whose those cheesey girl holding the plate :) I had a lovely morning with you my friend...looking forward to the next. Have a lovely day, chat soon! xxx

  3. Rox - Had a lovely morning with you too :) Must do more exploring - especially now that I am wanting to REMAIN in Joburg!

    Em - sorry that we missed you!