Monday, 31 October 2011

hey sweetie loves...

I'm very excited to announce that I have started a Tumblr account! I thought this would be a great way to collate images that I personally find intriguing, visually striking, and beautiful. From food to landscapes to colour palettes to fashion, I've handpicked my favourites at HeySweetieloves. Yip, it's pretty aptly named! 

I will be updating it on a daily basis, so visit my Tumblr when you're in need of some inspiring imagery. 

Credits can be found on

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

you got talent.

I don't have much to say about these collages by Jessie Cohen, but that's only because they've pretty much left me speechless. The way she encapsulates each designer's runway collection is just magnif... See more beauties on her Tumblr called Closet Collage.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

summer. bring it.

Durban was the heat this weekend. Like, literally. So on Saturday my younger brother Ryan and I decided to swim in our pool. Ryan is faaancy with his backflips and somersaults and roly polys, so I quickly grabbed my iPhone to document it all. I took quite a few pics but these are a few of my favourite. This first image is of my hair, it went such a weird colour but I loved how it moved in the water.

It was great being able to enjoy the sunny outdoors again. I plan on spending a lot of time by the pool this summer... But if you have the same intentions, here's some advice - try to avoid tanning underneath palm trees. I almost got taken out by a giant palm frond when it fell from the tree. It was scary.

Monday, 17 October 2011

hello peka!

This is the cutest little thing I saw all holiday. A little Pekanese running along the pavement, whilst we were walking toward the University of London one morning. The photo may be slightly blurred because he just couldn't keep still! Look at him. Couldn't you ever say no to a face like that? I would feed him unhealthy treats all day if he was mine!

oxford street style, vol. 2

Kylee and I started getting really good at spotting stylish ladies on the street, well... we'd like to think so! Do you like her look? We love it!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

lola's cupcakes

Kylee and I came across a Lola's cupcakery nestled inside Topshop's Oxford Street store. Woweee. What a lovely surprise! After having exhausted ourselves from trawling each of the four levels of the store, we were sure needing a Lola's. I had the lemon buttercream cupcake, whilst Ky had the rocky road. OMG. If you're heading for London soon, you've got to head for Lola's. I was THIS close to climbing over that counter and swallowing each cupcake whole! For realsies.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

this is not a london post! well, not really.

Say hello to Sam and Angie. These two sassies work with me at Wisdom and Youth agency. (Which just happens to feature in this month's Elle magazine - click here to see Sam and Ang's office style) I bought the girls a few goodies back from London, one of them being these H&M leopard print ears for Angie. So we decided to get silly in the office and act like... I don't even know. Ha ha. My diamante rimmed glasses are from Topshop. (Sam wears them in the second pic)

Thanks JP for being so patient with us and taking the pics. "Ok cool."

oxford street style

My friend Kylee and I spotted these two girls on Oxford Street one afternoon. There were just too many things that we loved about their vamp style: The cute collars. The John Lennon-esque round sunnies. Autumn shades of wine and berry. The sheerness of the black button-up. The effortless hair. If you click to enlarge the image, you will see that the girl on the left was also wearing cross earrings, which I am totally obsessed with! If this doesn't get you counting down the months 'til Autumn next year, then I don't know what will.

Monday, 10 October 2011


I've been away from my blog for almost 3 weeks now, and I'll be honest and say that it is pretty daunting getting back into it. In the last 3 weeks I've travelled to London with my best friend, visited Joburg the weekend after that, and turned 24. I've only just finished uploading all my London photos onto my computer... And I don't know where to begin! I took over 500 photos of food, people, buildings and landmarks whilst on a 7 day trip there. Too many Kodak moments that I couldn't ignore.

So, I'm going to start off slowly... Bear with me.

This photo was taken at a nightclub in Chelsea called Public. The music was amazing, and if I could, I would use teleportation to get myself back into that club right now, just for one last dance. Ha ha.

Hope that everyone has a lovely week. Stay tuned.