Monday, 28 November 2011

sam and cam go H.A.M.

This weekend my friend Sam and I went shopping at Gateway. I haven't been to Gateway in over a year, and I can't say I have missed much about that shopping centre - besides the fact that there is now a Tasha's restaurant. And an Inglot make-up store. 

I am an avid MAC fan, but wow... who can say no to a brand that rivals the quality and quantity of MAC products? Their staff weren't intimidating (big plus), in fact, if Sam and I had it our way, we would have happily pitched a tent at their store and camped there until we were done trying out every product! (But we would have been there for days). 

I bought a blending shadow brush (8OHP) and a liquid liner brush (30T), as well as a product called Duraline. This magic emulsion comes in a small glass bottle and is oily in texture. You add a tiny drop to loose eyeshadow, and it instantly turns it to liquid form. Mix it in with an eyeliner brush and, VOILA, you have liquid liner!

We also went to Spitfire. I walked away with two pairs of glasses, one being the nerdy ones (pictured above) and the other being a rather feline-y pair of round glasses (also above). 

Our last stop was Mr Price, where Sam and I went buck wild. In fact, shares in Mr Price could well have gone up even further since last week. It really is a good time to invest!

Click here for the definition of H.A.M. (For those who have not listened to Jay-Z and Kanye's "Watch The Throne" album)


  1. I know right! Pay day! It's awesome!

  2. It's a dangerous, but awesome time of the month :)