Wednesday, 9 January 2013

this is my friend sam, and this is what she wore.

I've never done my own outfit post on my blog, perhaps it's something to consider doing occasionally. But when my friend and fellow work colleague walked into work the other day wearing this gorgeous detachable collar along with her kitty-printed skirt and flatforms, I felt compelled to pull out my camera and document the cuteness that lay before my eyes! Sam and I both have these flatforms from Legit, and we are not shy to admit we are super-fans of the world's most comfortable shoe. Who doesn't love the feeling of walking on clouds?

Here are the deets on Sam's outfit:

Sunnies - Sass Diva
Collar - A gift from Thailand
Sleeveless top - CottonOn
Skater skirt - CottonOn
Flatforms - Legit
Mock leather satchel - Woolworths

1 comment:

  1. Your friend is pretty cool! And lucky to have you as her photog