Thursday, 9 June 2011

lusting over

Aaargh! My first autumn/winter in Joburg and I'm feeling totally unprepared. It's thick woolly socks and the warmth of my teddy bear (His name is Waylon and he is my boyfriend - ha!) that is helping me get through this icy time of year. Here are a few things that I think could also help... (Some of which I have already - and am therefore recommending to you!) 

1. Donna Hay Seasons cookbook from Anthropologie (gotcha already)
2. Sugar-free Hot Chocolate from NOMU (gotcha already too)
3. Lace Chopping Board from Quirky.Me
4. Knitted Headband from ASOS
5. Stoneware Casserole Dish from Le Creuset


  1. that is so crazy how it's about to be winter time where you live... and about to be summer in my neck of the woods :) lovin' your blog btw!

  2. Hee hee, I had to do a winter post, I'd been seeing so many summery posts from blogs in the northern hemisphere, it was getting me down!