Monday, 25 July 2011

people, meet my mom.

Photos: heysweetie8
How is everyone doing today! I got back from Durbs-by-the-sea yesterday, after spending a weekend catching up with my family and friends. One of the things I begged my mom to do before my arrival was bake some of my favourite favourites, so I could photograph them and then put them in my mouth, for, you know, quality control. My mom is so awesome, she did exactly that|! She also packed a few biscuit-filled containers into my luggage so I could enjoy them when I got back to Joburg. I can't wait to share her recipes with you this week!


  1. What a lovely photo! I see where you get your pretty looks from :) xx Looking forward to catching up with you soon! xx

  2. such a lovely pic of you two! :)