Wednesday, 10 August 2011

hey sweetie!

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What did everyone get up to on Woman's Day? I decided to get a "nose job"! Well, my nose pierced. (I think it equals the pain of a nose job) I've always loved the look of nose-piercings; a little twinkly stud on the side of your nose - pretty! 

If you're wondering how and why - it goes like this. I said to my friend Catrina, "Aah, I've always loved nose rings!" and she replied, "Well tomorrow's a public holiday, so we can get you one done tomorrow then..." 

I really was not game, but Catrina and Roxy could not stop spurring me on! I'm the type of girl who never jumped off the high board at school until Matric. I never did abseiling or bungee jumping on school excursions. I'm a scaredy cat, I worry too much.

Wow. The pain was excruciating and I almost vomited and passed out after the guy pierced my nose, with what felt like a steel POLE. In fact it could have been a pole? My eyes were closed the whole time. Never again. I had it done at Jaded Ink tattoo parlour in Fourways and I must say the guy (Sorry I can't remember your name!) was so awesome. He was ultra-professional and super-hygienic... my kinda guy.

The sweets you see on the left-hand side were part of a gift Catrina gave me when she came up from Durban this weekend. I think she said she bought them from Fat Tuesday in Durban. Don't you think the wrappers are gorge? Thank you Cat for the sweets and pressies, and thank you for manipulating me into getting a nose-piercing xxx

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  1. You're pretty brave ! I would never be able to do that, I just can't take pain ! I got my ears pierced and it really hurt me ! I hope that you'll put some pictures later ! Check out :