Sunday, 7 August 2011


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This weekend has been summed up in that image on the left - a blur. No baking went down, and I will blame it on the fact that I had my best friend Catrina come up from Durban for the weekend. We went out on both Friday and Saturday night, which is not the norm for someone like me. Recovery from a night out usually takes about week for me, however I was forced to condense that duration into a couple of hours, not even days. Sjoe. 

I really do need to mention a new discovery I made though - the Design District in Rosebank. We went there for drinks at the super cool MiBar, followed by the club (which is directly above it), Latinova. My word, I've been in Joburg for a year and I only get to make this discovery now! I could kick myself. I am moving back to Durban in less than a month's time.

Anyway in a nutshell my weekend was loads of fun, there is really never a dull moment when my friends and I get together. Love you ladies long time.

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