Sunday, 11 September 2011

look good, do good, feel good.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? I can't stop drooling over this collection by UK online fashion brand Never Fully Dressed. I don't usually do the whole copy and paste thing, but I loved how they introduce themselves on their homepage - incredibly refreshing, with an encouraging, inspiring brand ethos. (It's a little long, but worth the read.)

With a wish to dress, de-stress and impress, With a longing to inspire and appreciate each individual and each girl’s individuality, Not taking ourselves too seriously, Knowing that you don’t want your new frock to be worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry, Trying to make effortless-chic effortless, Keeping it low key with our stalls at Spitalfields and Portobello Road, Have fun dressing fabulously, for you, every day: NFD blog, DJ, style, sew till 4am, get up at 4am to do the markets, dance, chat, alot, Twitter, and sprinkle fashion glitter upon your dressing up box.

Our very own line of loveliness: Lucy Tighe: consists of crystal clear lines, on-trend colour pallets, casual femininity, flattering silhouettes, and chic classics. Encouragingly, they’ve turned out to be our best sellers, and so enables us to look forward and keep creating new, fresh fabulousness. From our refurbed studio, with a combo of vintage sewing machines (thanks nan, bless her) and modern trimmings, sugar, spice, and all things nice, we’re slowly creating a humble line of beauties that are dangerously addictive, adaptable, wearable and affordable. 

In an industry that all too easily becomes very self indulgent, we try to work with as wide charitable insight as poss. We were in Tanzania in 2010 to build the foundations of a school and a water well for the oh so welcoming community and underprivileged kids of Moshi, all in association with ChildReach International. We try to vary our campaigns, and are currently giving 100% profit from the Emerald Barbie shirts to Great Ormond St. Hospital Charity. So if you can't make up your mind on which colour to buy in this Classic Button Up, maybs that'll sway you. Lets make giving a fashion that never goes out of fashion! This Summer we'r in colab with Malaya Jewelery, cycling to Paris for The Big Issue...Support the cause if poss...
…And as an ambassador of attention to detail, we provide a personal service with feminine wrapping, fast delivery, a friendly answer to your emails, and post your frocks with genuine thanks and love. And if there's anything you want that we don't have, drop us a line and we will try our very best to get it for you...Whether it be size, colour, style, label or a random fashion fix you just cant get your fingers on...NFD are at your service.
 “Who cares what you’re wearing, From Main St. or Saville Row, it’s what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head toe."

The good news is, I am heading to London in two weeks time, so I will be making a bee-line for their shop at Portobello market!