Monday, 14 November 2011

girl overload

On Sunday my best friends and I got together at my house for a little tea party to celebrate Catrina's birthday. We all share the same love for sweet things, especially ice-cream, so I decided to recreate a miniature version of the Pinkberry frozen yoghurt / Snog frozen yoghurt concept. I used a tub of Woolies "Extremely Creamy" Madagascan Vanilla ice cream as well as their Cranberry and Litchi frozen yoghurt as a "base"... We sprinkled over toppings such as fresh blueberries, fudge, white chocolate KitKat, homemade Turkish Delight (thanks Mom), as well as toffee Chuckles, Milo, and other goodies. I also made some cupcakes and strawberries dipped in white chocolate and cupcake sprinkles. 

How any of us survived that sugar onslaught, I don't really know. I was pretty much man-down for the rest of the day though. I took a few pics on my camera but most of them are from my iPhone camera - because sometimes me lazy! 

I got a lovely surprise from Stacy too, (she said it was a belated birthday present) in the form of this L'Oreal hair mask and a strawberry/mint flavoured lip gloss from H&M. Stacy is a professional hair stylist for GHD so she is my go-to gal for any hair questions. Perhaps she should do a tutorial on my blog soon :)

Hope you all had a super weekend.


  1. I wish I had a friend like you that could bake me sweet stuff for my birthday, oh hang on You are my friend :) We just don't live in the same city anymore :( Sweet Stuff looks amazing!! xx

  2. It's your birthday soon :) You know I would have! Hmmmm but is there no way of couriering cupcakes up to JHB? ;) xxx